Ryan Banks Academy is an independent and coeducational college-preparatory, residential, tuition-free middle and high school that will prepare motivated students from Chicago neighborhoods to graduate from college, enter into meaningful careers, and be the catalyst to bring positive change into their communities.
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Welcome to the Ryan Banks Academy blog!

Have you ever built a school from the ground up?  

No?  Well, neither have we - but we are here to learn, grow, and do whatever it takes to make it happen.  We would love to take you along on this wild ride!

Follow us, and be a part of our journey while our group of dedicated, passionate individuals from both Chicago and from around the world come together to build Chicago's first residential school that will dramatically impact the lives of youth and teenagers in Chicago. 

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Charitable Selfishness for Those Without a Bleeding-Heart
  2017-03-24  Valerie Groth  Uncategorized
RBA's interim board chair, Ryan Lazarus, talks about how supporting Ryan Banks Academy is not only a great thing to do from a humanitarian aspect, but how it makes good economic sense.
Enough is Enough.
  2017-03-21  Valerie Groth  Uncategorized
This post was written by RBA Advisory Board member Katie Cahnmann, who is a former CPS school counselor. Katie writes about the heartbreak of losing students to gun violence, and what can be done to stop this horrific cycle of violence.
Boarding School Education Made Me Who I Am
  2017-03-16  Valerie Groth  Uncategorized
Board of Directors member Meggie Cramer talks about her experience attending a boarding school, and why she joined RBA.
The REAL Story Behind Ryan Banks Academy: The Moment That Changed Everything
  2016-04-29  Valerie Groth  Uncategorized
Learn about the single moment in time that made our founder realize she had no choice - she had to create Ryan Banks Academy, no matter what it took.
Happy Holidays, read our NBC article, and how to win Chicago Bulls tickets...
  2015-12-22  Valerie Groth  Uncategorized
Learn more about our recent press mention on the NBC Chicago website, and how you can win Chicago Bulls tickets.
How to Get Your Company Involved in Fundraising for the Organization You Love
  2015-12-08  Valerie Groth  Uncategorized
Guest post by Markita Staples.
Good news travels fast... check out where we've been featured in the media!
  2015-12-01  Valerie Groth  Uncategorized
RBA has been featured in quite a few news outlets recently - read this post to get the links so that you can find out more about our progress.
Why Fundraising Really Matters
  2015-11-13  Valerie Groth  General
RBA's education director, Trevor Sprague, talks about why fundraising REALLY matters.
Help us raise $20,000 by December 4th!
  2015-10-29  Valerie Groth  Uncategorized
Learn about how you can help us achieve our current goal to raise $5000 through the Good City Chicago Accelerator program.
What's Michael Strahan got to do with it?
  2015-10-20  Valerie Groth  Uncategorized
October happenings: learn about a new addition to our team, our encounter with Michael Strahan, and other recent events at RBA.
Meet (Some Of!) The Ryan Banks Academy Ambassadors
  2015-10-09  Valerie Groth  Uncategorized
Learn about (some of!) the Ryan Banks Academy Ambassadors who have come together to make Ryan Banks Academy possible.
The Story Behind Ryan Banks Academy
  2015-09-01  Valerie Groth  General
In this blog post, RBA founder Valerie Groth talks about how Ryan Banks Academy came into existence and about what the RBA team has been up to over the last year (hint: we've been BUSY!!)