In September 2018, Ryan Banks Academy opened its doors with our first class of 7th grade students. We prepare motivated students from Chicago neighborhoods to graduate from college, enter into meaningful careers, and be the catalyst to bring positive change into their communities. Join us as we transform urban education!
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Meet (Some Of!) The Ryan Banks Academy Ambassadors

Here's a fun fact:  about half of the Ryan Banks Academy team does not live in Chicago… or even Illinois.  In fact, not only do we have team members scattered around the US, but we have a volunteer from Canada and a Board member from Sweden!

That would have seemed strange ten years ago, but nowadays it’s actually quite common for volunteer teams to be spread across the country.  Thanks to email, Skype, and of course, the phone, it’s incredibly easy for teams to work together virtually.  Hence for the first four months after RBA's inception, our team had mostly been in contact through monthly conference calls.

In January 2015, we finally got the opportunity to get together in person!  We are still missing about half of our Board members and volunteers in this photo, but it was still a big accomplishment for us all to get together to collaborate and discuss RBA.  At this particular meeting, we focused on plans for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign.  At this point, exact dates are still up in the air but we tentatively hope to launch our crowdfunding campaign by spring 2016.

Thanks to the following team members who were in attendance at that meeting!  So you know who's who:

Top row, left to right:

Bottom row, left to right:

Unpictured (the man behind the camera):

  • Trevor Sprague - English and composition instructor, doctoral candidate

Stay tuned for future posts where you'll learn about the exciting opportunity and twist of events that lead to us receiving our first $20,000 grant, and also to learn more about Ryan Banks and his story.